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Minit Mesyuarat Pertama Reunion X-SBPT pada 1/4/2011

1.     Date of SBPT REUNION

11 NOVEMBER 2011 (111111)
Committees from 1st Batch.

ALL ex-students from all batches.
2.     Venue

Everyone from the floor agreed that the venue for the SBPT REUNION will be held in KOTA KINABALU area.

Proposed Venue for the REUNION DINNER as follows:
~Sutera Harbour Resort
~Le Meridien
~Nexus Karambunai Resort
~Hyatt Regency
~Palace Hotel

While Tenom area will not be forgotten as the committee will be organizing a trip to Tenom on 12 Nov 2011 for those interested.

Proposed Tenom Trip:

Day Trip, 12 Nov (No Meals):
6~12 pax: RM 150nett p/person;
13~20 pax: RM 95nett p/person;
21pax and above: RM 85nett p/person
Depart: 0800hrs; Return: 1800hrs

2d/1n Tenom Package 12~13 Nov (includes of hotel & Bfast only):
6~12 pax: RM 295nett p/person;
13~20 pax: RM 220nett p/person;
21pax and above: RM200nett p/person
Depart: 0800hrs; Return: 1800hrs

Departure Point: Pacific Sutera

Dinner Venue

Razlina/Md Yatim

Razlina/Md Yatim
3.     Meal
Buffet Spread if possible so that everyone will be able to mingle around and to get to know each other and encourage mixes from each batch.

Take note that there will be a minimum of 40 to 50persons required to set a buffet spread, otherwise set dinner will be served.

Menu Options
Razlina/Md Yatim
4.     Dinner Registration Fee
RM 100 ~ Without SBPT Reunion T-Shirt
RM 130 ~ With SBPT Reunion T-Shirt
T-Shirt for token
Razlina/Md Yatim
5.     Payment for Registration
All payment will have to be directed to only 01(one) account and below is the details:
A/C no: 5101 8905 0028

IMPORTANT: Those who have made the payment MUST email or fax a copy of the bank-in/deposit/transfer slip for proof of receipt.
Members may sms/mms Al-Hashim for re-confirmation.

Mobile No: 014 2000 258 (Al Hashim)
Fax: 088-473919

To open a Bank Account



6.     VIP
A number of VIP will be selected i.e. ex-Pengetua/ex-Teachers/Ketua PPD Tenom? /Tenom Assemblymen Person?

As agreed free dinner registration with free SBPT reunion T-shirt will be given out to VIPs.
However, VIP spouse will be given free admission but without SBPT reunion T-shirt.

7.     T-Shirt for TOKEN
SBPT Reunion T-Shirt will be created as a token.
However, member will have an option for not taking T-shirt by paying at RM 100nett only.
Colour Options: White/ Green / Yellow

T-shirt selection + costing
Razlina/Md Yatim
8.     Theme Dinner
There will be no restriction on dress code this year as everyone enjoys our own Casual Attire.

A Corsage or Sash to welcome all VIPs


Includes welcoming services at the dinner reception by all committees


Patricia/Razlina/Md Yatim

9.     Activities
a)    Games;

b)    Slides Presentation;
Will consist of pictures of past & present, statistic of student each year, singing/acting contribution from each batch
c)     Karaoke or Live Band.
MACP permit and license is a MUST to organize a Live Band in a hotel. Hotel will leave it to the organizer to get the permit.
Interaction from all members and spouses

Still in discussion as it is costly in terms of rental alone
Awg Sharpudin/ Hermeny


Md Yatim
10.   Invitation
An invitation to all VIPs and members will be given out

VIP Invitation + Courtesy call

To create invitation by FB, sms or thru telephone calls.

Razlina/Md Yatim


11.    Public Awareness
A short story of the SBPT existence to be published on local newspaper if possible.

Sabah Times requirements:
~Cost to published on front page (small column is possible with a cost amounting to RM 252 per day.

~Another page on Sabah Times’ Leisure Column will be published FOC few days after the event. Will require 25 pieces of raw picture (saved in a disk) + short story.

Daily Express

Sabah Times / Daily Express

Volunteer Photographer of that night to provide pictures

Still in progress
Razlina/Md Yatim


Razlina/Md Yatim

12.   Next Meeting
Date: 10 June 2011
Time: 1900HRS
Venue: Getaran Jiwa, Alam Mesra

At least 2 members from each batch urged to attend this meeting in order for us to get more mutual discussions and feedbacks from the table.

All 1st Batch + Committee



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